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OnMedia: Shepard Smith and Katrina

Published Aug. 25, 2010

Hurricane Katrina was a key event in the career of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith... You can tweet your way into the Emmy Awards telecast... Channel 12 is giving up an hour of prime-time Wednesday for a gubernatorial debate.


OnMedia: How could you not shed a tear?

Published Nov. 24, 2009

ABC's "Find My Family" offered an emotional 30 minutes of TV ... Regis Philbin is taking a leave -- but for how long?... And "V" is taking a long break after tonight's episode.


OnMedia: Larry David completes the "Seinfeld" reunion

Published Nov. 23, 2009

Without Larry David, there would be no "Seinfeld," and on Sunday's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season finale he proved it ... Channel 6 is quietly slipping into the high-definition era ... Adam Lambert had sort of a coming out party on Sunday night's "American Music Awards."


Dark Horse Project hits pay dirt

Published Jan. 8, 2007

Liv Mueller -- aka Liv Lovely, after her successful run fronting killer local trio The Lovelies -- is one of the city's best talents. She's got a throaty roar of a voice, skills as a songwriter and guitarist and the look of a rock star. So, it's little surprise that the debut disc by her band The Dark Horse Project has been getting some attention.


"November" gets twisted in its own web

Published Sept. 10, 2005

Style over substance. That's the three-word version of this review of the new thriller "November," starring erstwhile "Friends" star Courteney Cox and directed by Greg Harrison.