100 worst Milwaukee pick-up lines

Published Feb. 11, 2018

We really do not suggest you try these at home. Or in a bar. Or anywhere. Ever. But we do hope you'll get a chuckle or a groan from this updated list of awful Milwaukee pick-up lines. Happy Valentine's Day, Milwaukee.


Local sex therapist provides insight to the industry

Published Jan. 30, 2013

There is still a lot of mystery around sex therapy even though in recent years it has been somewhat destigmatized. sat down with Dr. Laura Liguori and asked her about common sexual problems, who her clients are, what kinds of "homework" she assigns and her thoughts on Dr. Ruth and Dr. Phil.


Local couples differ on gift-giving policies

Published Nov. 25, 2012

Whether or not couples exchange gifts is a personal decision made between partners. Some couples go all out, and spend a lot of time and / or money investing in the ideal offering, whereas others might decide, for practical or financial reasons, that they aren't going to exchange.


The sexy side of winter

Published Dec. 4, 2010

It's easy to be single during summer. It's a hot, sexy time of year and it feels like singles come out of the woodwork during the warm months in the Midwest. But during winter, we prefer to hibernate and spend cold nights warming our feet under the covers with someone and a salad bowl full of mistletoe.


Masters roundup: Westwood, Poulter lead Day 2

Published April 10, 2010

At the top of the leader board after 36 holes from Augusta National certainly has an international flair to it. Brits Poulter (68-68-136) and Westwood (67-69-136) will be the final group on the course Saturday afternoon.


Rules of the fight for couples

Published Nov. 28, 2009

Keeping a cool head can be the hardest part when having a fight, but it can also be the defining moment between reasonable fight and battle royal.


After breakup, brush up on the rules of attraction

Published June 12, 2009

New love is a great feeling, but you have to find it first. If you aren't attached, how do you escape the sea of couples and venture out to find someone of your own? Or, do you just find someone who loves sitting in the corner of the bar and commiserating about how much you hate couples in love?