First look: 14 photos of China Lights at Boerner Botanical Gardens

Published Sept. 28, 2016

As of October 1, illuminated dragons, lotus flowers, peacocks, pandas, cranes, lanterns, zebras and more will be in "bloom" at the Boerner Botanical Gardens, as part of the stunning China Lights, a traveling celebration of Asian culture featuring 40 massive lantern displays.


Milwaukee County closes on sale of Park East lands

Published Dec. 21, 2007

Scott Walker announced today the closing on the sale of the first parcel of land on the former Park East freeway site to RSC Development. The parcel located between Jefferson, Milwaukee, Lyon and Ogden Streets on the north end of Downtown.


Supervisors approve museum bailout plan

Published June 21, 2007

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted 13-5 Thursday to approve the Milwaukee Public Museum's financial recovery plan. Now the plan must get approval from County Executive Scott Walker.


Walker agrees county budget "daunting but do-able''

Published Sept. 15, 2006

A Greater Milwaukee Committee report this week that threatened a push for a state takeover of county government finances is being treated kindly by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.


Opinion: Will shrunken Waukesha board cut costs?

Published April 14, 2006

The Waukesha County Board reluctantly voted to make itself a more exclusive club, bucking the early statewide trend toward resisting such reductions. But there is some evidence that either the savings will be minimal or even that a smaller board will cost taxpayers even more.


Opinion: Anti-voter fraud effort missing bigger story

Published Aug. 30, 2005

Here's a hint for all the Republicans who want to clean up that voter fraud problem in Milwaukee, but who really want to discourage impoverished Democrats from voting. Follow your friend Sheriff David Clarke's lead. Keep 'em locked up on election days.


Politicians who listen will hear cry for tax relief

Published Oct. 5, 2004

In Milwaukee County, politicians would be wise to close their mouths and open their ears. If they do, they'll hear that the hue and cry for tax relief is as loud as ever, according to's Jim Villa.


Is there a gubernatorial race in Walker's future?

Published April 27, 2004

Will newly re-elected Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker consider running for the state's top job? One state Republican has his say today. A Democrat voices his opinion in this space next week.


Walker's political future at issue in upcoming race

Published March 2, 2004

If the February primary was any indication, incumbent Scott Walker should stroll into a second term as Milwaukee County executive. But do the voters have the right to know for how long?


Walker's series kicks off with art borrowed from Haggerty

Published May 10, 2003

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has taken his share of criticism for killing the now infamous Blue Shirt project at the airport. Walker now unveils a new Courthouse series called the County Executive Art Forums, intended to encourage dialogue and interest in public and private art.


TVs board Milwaukee's buses

Published Feb. 27, 2003

Milwaukee is the second city, after Orlando, to have television screens installed on city buses. Although only about 50 buses currently have monitors, most of the city's "green limousines" will soon sport TVs.