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The most team-friendly contracts in Wisconsin sports

Published Dec. 28, 2018

There are plenty of favorable deals dotting the cap sheets of the three Wisconsin pro teams, allowing these local organizations to create more depth around its top-tier players. Here are the nine most team-friendly contracts in Wisconsin sports.


Is free agent Eddie Lacy's pool workout rehab video a message to Packers, NFL?

Published Feb. 22, 2017

Overweight, underproductive and injured is not the optimal image for a free-agent professional athlete to portray to potential employers, in Green Bay and around the NFL. That might explain why running back Eddie Lacy posted a video of himself running in a pool, doing a rehab workout.

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Quotas for Contractors

City of  Milwaukee Ordinance  370, which became effective this past January,  establishes  minimum quotas for minority contractors  bidding on city public works.  For example, for construction services 25%  of contracting dollars are set aside for specific group...

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