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The moon illusion!

Published May 21, 2003

The moon looks huge when it rises or sets near the horizon, yet looks "normal" size when it is directly overhead. This has puzzled sky watchers for thousands of years. Vince Condella explains in this week's weather column.


What a windy week it was!

Published May 14, 2003

What a week it was! Tornadoes dropped from the sky from Sunday, May 4 through Saturday, May 10 throughout the central and southern Plains. Images of houses destroyed and lives changed forever were all over the newspapers, Internet, and television. Tornado watches were common in many states. What's up with that?


The planet outside Uranus

Published May 7, 2003

It's not every day you hear about a weather conspiracy. And no, we're not talking about El Nino. In this week's column, Vince Condella explains the mystery surrounding Neptune.


The frosty nights of spring

Published April 30, 2003

It's that time of year when many people are heading out to the garden to plant their flowers and vegetables. Those with the green thumb are keeping their eye on the radar for the necessary moisture that the soil requires, but they are also watching the overnight low temperature.


The human barometer

Published April 23, 2003

Does your body tell you when it will rain? Do you anticipate weather changes before they arrive? Do you sometimes feel that you are a human barometer? If so, join the club. Many people feel the ache in their bones up to two days before a storm system moves into our area.

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