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The real winners and losers of Super Bowl LIII

Published Feb. 4, 2019

The New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl yesterday - but who REALLY won? And who REALLY lost? And who REALLY wished they spent those four hours doing something else? Let's talk about the good, the bad and the RoboChild of Super Bowl LIII.


10 weird old Milwaukee TV commercials

Published Sept. 15, 2017

If you go back into the '80s and '90s, you'll see some weird commercials on Milwaukee television. Asking around the office, we all had some spots to share - but a lot of these gems remain only in our memories. Thankfully, some still exist on YouTube.


Making statewide appeal, Brewers' new TV ad tells fans "This is Our Team"

Published Feb. 16, 2017

The Milwaukee Brewers are my team. And your team, too. And your neighbor's and their kids. And John McGivern's and Tammy Baldwin's and Mike McCarthy's, as well. The Brewers belong to all of us in Wisconsin - at least that's the message in the club's emotive new commercial, "This is Our Team."


Can Frank Kaminsky get you to shop JCPenney?

Published July 10, 2015

On the evening of the NBA Draft, Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky rocked a JCPenney suit that featured tanks sewed on the inside. Frank the Tank, get it? Now, he's starring in new commercials for the store.

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