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Wisconsin's massive 35-14 win over Michigan by the numbers

Published Sept. 22, 2019

After opening their season with two impressive wins, Badgers fans had their celebrations curbed by the echoes of haters who asked, "Yeah, but who have they played?" Those doubters were silenced on Saturday.


19 great photos from the Badgers' home opener win

Published Sept. 9, 2019

While fans from across the state were forced to watch the team's season opener in South Florida from home last weekend, Bucky Nation welcomed the Badgers back to Madison with a day full of tailgating, drinking, cookouts and, of course, four quarters of college football.


5 must-see home games on the 2018-19 Marquette schedule

Published Sept. 13, 2018

The calendar has already flipped to mid-September, which means it's time for the annual unveiling of the Marquette basketball schedule. Here are the five biggest home games coming up for the Golden Eagles.


Introducing Milwaukee's best basketball team

Published Nov. 5, 2017

Why the uptick in media representation for the Golden Eagles? Simple: The Marquette women's basketball team is the best basketball team in Milwaukee in 2017.


The Alverno who? Stritch what?

Published Nov. 12, 2014

The topic of sports nicknames of the "lesser known" Milwaukee colleges and universities came up recently during my Bucks ticket draft. No one could name Carroll College's mascot. It's Carroll University now, by the way. Cardinal Stritch University? I got my MBA there and didn't even know it had sports, much less a mascot.


99 and counting: WIAC approaches its centennial season

Published April 16, 2012

The Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference's 2012-13 athletic season will mark 100 years of competition in the ninth-oldest conference in the NCAA. Considering the seismographic shifting of schools and conferences at the top levels today, longevity alone is worth a party.


Bowled over

Published Dec. 7, 2011

There is absolutely no legitimate reason to have all these bowl games. The only thing they do is allow the company to bring in customers for a good time and for the colleges to make money.


Local sports calendar: Sept. 12-18, 2011

Published Sept. 12, 2011

Looking for something to do this week? The Brewers are home against Colorado Tuesday and Wednesday, but there's plenty more to choose from on the local sports calendar.


Sunday Scorecard: College athletes don't need to be paid

Published June 5, 2011

The mess at Ohio State University, which lead to head coach Jim Tressel's "resignation," has again brought the argument of whether or not college athletes should be paid to the forefront. The answer could not be any more simple: no. No way. Not one cent. These "amateurs," these "students" ... they get plenty as it is.