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10 must-see movies at the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival

Published Oct. 18, 2018

It's time to make some hard choices - and to help make those tough picks, I've selected the ten movies you should definitely seek out at the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival, starting tonight and running through Nov. 1.


Urban Spelunking: Cudahy Nike-Ajax missile site / Kelly Senior Center

Published Oct. 4, 2018

It may seem curious to us now, but at the height of the Cold War, the Milwaukee area was ringed with defensive missile sites. One was in Cudahy, where three of the installation's buildings still stand and are currently home to the Kelly Senior Center.


"The Russian Woodpecker" hauntingly taps into state-induced madness and mystery

Published Sept. 27, 2015

What's effectively creepy about the Milwaukee Film Festival doc "The Russian Woodpecker" is not that it convinces you such an unhinged and unbelievable theory is true (because it won't), but that it convincingly captures and presents a place so distrustful and uneasy that such an unhinged and unbelievable theory could even be considered possible.

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Russia's Missile Game

          ‘Hitting a bullet with a bullet’ is the way even proponents of anti-ballistic missile systems describe the extraordinary technical challenge. Yet there has been sustained pressure within the United States government for a half cen...

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