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Bartender Olympian: Abbey Kagan of Club Anything

Published Feb. 29, 2012

As gets ready to host its fourth annual Bartender Olympics, you can prepare to cheer on the competition by familiarizing yourself with future Milwaukee Bar Olympians. We've been profiling the participating bartenders over the last two weeks in preparation for the big night at Wherehouse on Thursday, March 1.


A possible revamp for Club Anything / Elixir Lounge?

Published April 28, 2011 recently caught up with the current general manager of Walker's Point's Club Anything and the adjoined Elixir Lounge Gary Czaplewski to find out what's next for the bars, if Goth is dead and whether or not absinthe really makes you hallucinate.


Milwaukee bar guide to the stars

Published Feb. 12, 2011

Milwaukee may not be a celebrity mecca, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate as to where the people who fill the gossip mags would hang out if they lived here instead.

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