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Fairy tales turn into reality: An interview with "Cinderella"

Published Nov. 6, 2018

I had the opportunity to chat with Kaitlyn Mayse, the actress who will bring the repressed stepchild turned princess to life this weekend at the Miller High Life Theatre. Here's a glimpse of our enchanting conversation.


Enchantment abounds in First Stage's production of "Ella Enchanted"

Published April 3, 2016

Imagine the classic heroine Cinderella, not just bedeviled by her evil stepmother and equally evil stepsisters, but also cursed with a spell that requires her to always obey what someone says to her. That's the conundrum of "Ella Enchanted."


Ball, slipper and magic come to life in "Cinderella"

Published Oct. 6, 2015

When lighting, textures and scenery pop on a screen - especially in a familiar tale that we've envisioned ourselves - we can be transported. In the case of Disney's "Cinderella," we feel like we are there, interacting with the characters at the royal ball, waiting for the clock to strike 12 times.

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