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Public school debate takes center stage at Marquette conversation

Published May 17, 2016

While it was called "a dialogue," Tuesday's hour-long conversation between State Rep. Dale Kooyenga and MTEA executive director Lauren Baker, hosted by Marquette University's Eckstein Hall, sure resembled a debate - an often politely testy one.


What we learned from last week's Wisconsin primary results

Published April 12, 2016

The results from last week's Wisconsin primary may be old news, but there's still much to be learned from what happened on Tuesday - from confusing campaign strategies to the early impact of the state's new voter ID laws.


Begel's pros, cons and predictions for the 2016 Wisconsin primary

Published March 31, 2016

Election day is just five days away. There are five big races for most of us, and if you've been listening to the campaign ads, you may not bother to even vote. So, to help, I'm going to offer my annual candidate guide, along with my predictions.


Super Tuesday may pick Wisconsin, Milwaukee winners for us

Published Feb. 23, 2016

Between now and when Wisconsin voters go to the polls next on April 5, the rest of the country will probably pick some of our winners and losers for us. This is new territory for Wisconsin, and it could have some serious effects on our state and local races.


Wauwatosa teacher earns spot in national PBS program

Published April 26, 2014

Chris Lazarski, a teacher at Wauwatosa West High School, has been named a 2014 PBS "LearningMedia" Digital Innovator by PBS "LearningMedia," an on-demand digital media service from PBS offering more than 35,000 digital resources for educators.


The final days: Will the Hoan Bridge redevelopment include a multi-use path?

Published Oct. 17, 2011

The days of waiting for a decision on whether or not to include a bicycle and pedestrian path on the Hoan Bridge are nearing an end. In an effort to display the inadequate connector between the north and south portions of the downtown Milwaukee Oak Leaf Trail, Senator Chris Larson and Representative John Richards invited members of the Department of Tranportation to meet with a group of cyclists at the Humboldt Park Pavilion.


A tale of two election parties

Published Nov. 4, 2010

I was invited to not one, but two state senate candidates' victory parties. Is it not cruel that these events are referred to as "victory" parties, given that inevitably someone will lose and the only victorious thing about the evening will end up being the bartender's tip jar?