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"Lava" director James Ford Murphy draws a path from Marquette to Pixar

Published June 28, 2015

If you've seen Disney/Pixar's latest animated hit "Inside Out," there's a good chance a certain song has been rattling around in your mind ever since. No, not that TripleDent gum jingle, but the chorus to "Lava," the brief and beautifully rendered short about a volcanic island looking for love. While the short takes plenty of inspiration from Hawaii, as it turns out, Murphy's journey to get there made a stop right here in Milwaukee.


Social Circle: Favorite famous Wisconsinite?

Published April 22, 2012

This week, asked the Social Circle to shate their favorite, famous Wisconsinites. Surprisingly, no one said either Charlotte Rae or Heather Graham, but the responses ranged from Chris Farley to Bob LaFollette.


Naked beer slide memories immortalize The Avalanche

Published Jan. 3, 2012

Most former Marquette students who attended the university prior to 1997 remember The Avalanche bar and the naked beer slide - a drunken phenomenon that usually happened at closing time. In this article, former 'Lanche customers reflect on this gross lost sport.


OnMedia: Channel 12 slips by Channel 4 in October

Published Oct. 30, 2009

In the first measure of viewing since NBC gave the 9 p.m. hour to Jay Leno, Channel 12 edged out Channel 4 in the October TV ratings. And Rosie O'Donnell returns to the airwaves: if you're a subscriber.


OnMedia: Warning signs for NBC's "Jay Leno Show"

Published Oct. 27, 2009

NBC's big fall programming experiment -- programming the 9 p.m. hour with nightly Jay Leno shows -- wasn't expected to dominate the ratings. But there are signs that it's hurting the late newscasts in some places.


Remembering Chris Farley

Published Dec. 18, 2007

It has been 10 years since Chris Farley died, but the Madison native -- and Marquette grad -- lives on in our memories.