Here's why you should be eating more Chinese food right now

Published Feb. 18, 2020

Chinese restaurants across the nation are suffering losses due to misguided public perceptions regarding coronavirus. Now is not the time to put on your blinders and assume that this isn't happening right now here in the Cream City. In fact, it's a very good time to make the decision to offer even more support to as many Chinese-owned restaurants as you can muster.


Experiencing China ... in Chicago

Published July 19, 2016

The Windy City has a vibrant and fun Chinatown neighborhood just south of Downtown, but there are other ways to experience Chinese culture in Chicago, too. Here are some ways visitors of all ages can celebrate Chinese culture in Chicago.


Startling images keep viewers guessing

Published June 12, 2012

American photographer Tom Arndt's photo series, "July 4th, Little Italy, NY," doesn't necessarily capture what it seem to depict. Sixteen of the monochromatic images are on display now in an exhibition at Marquette University's Haggerty Museum, through Aug. 5.


100-year-old Chinatown provides cultural, fun day trip for Milwaukeeans

Published March 23, 2012

Chicago's Chinatown is both a tourist destination and a microcosm of Chinese culture. The neighborhood, an example of an American Chinatown, offers experiences from the kitsch to the delicious and, considering it's less than two hours from Milwaukee, is definitely worth checking out.


Could Chinese "AmAsia" be just what Milwaukee ordered?

Published Jan. 4, 2010

Major local economic development news broke in China at the end of December. But because many people were on vacation and the topic has received little buzz, Jeff Sherman thought he'd comment on AmAsia Plaza, which could be a big deal for Milwaukee.


Wishing well for the Milwaukee dining scene

Published Aug. 1, 2009

Milwaukee's dining scene is more vibrant than ever before, with top chefs, nearly every type of cuisine and dining experience on tap. There are great restaurants at nearly every price point and we're thankful for that. But every now and then, like you, we hit the road and we experience things in other cities that make us yearn for an addition to the Milwaukee culinary world.


Pappas collects language of film noir in "It's a Bitter Little World"

Published Dec. 23, 2005

La Crosse author Charles Pappas's "It's a Bitter Little World" is a dark, cynical and sassy compilation of the "smartest, toughest, nastiest quotes from film noir." Exploring sixty years of film, the book places a crucial focus on the hard-hitting dialogue that makes noir so bold and unsettlingly humorous.


Wu makes auspicious debut with "Saving Face"

Published July 9, 2005

What is love? What are the rules of love? In a traditional society, can one break free of the old ways? First-time director Alice Wu explores these issues in her feature debut, "Saving Face," which emerges from a crash of modern and traditional cultures.