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Here's why you should be eating more Chinese food right now

Published Feb. 18, 2020

Chinese restaurants across the nation are suffering losses due to misguided public perceptions regarding coronavirus. Now is not the time to put on your blinders and assume that this isn't happening right now here in the Cream City. In fact, it's a very good time to make the decision to offer even more support to as many Chinese-owned restaurants as you can muster.


Chicago Tribune offers Brew City tips for Big Gig-goers

Published June 28, 2016

It's no surprise that Summerfest is a draw for folks both near and far. After all, it's the biggest friggin' music festival in the world. But lately folks are seeing the city behind the Big Gig. And that's a very, very good thing.


Tribune inks deal to buy WITI-TV Fox 6

Published July 2, 2013

On Monday, the once-bankrupt Tribune Company announced that is has reached an agreement to purchase 19 TV stations from Local TV Holdings, LLC. The $2.725 billion deal will include stations in 16 markets, including WITI-TV Fox 6 in Milwaukee.


OnMedia: The search for the future of newspapers

Published Aug. 10, 2011

The Chicago Tribune is trying something a little adventurous, maybe a bit too adventurous, in its battle to save the newspaper. ... A new digital subchannel on the way. ... Syfy's "Eureka" has been canceled. .... A look at the return of "Boardwalk Empire."


OnMedia: Dumping on the Chicago Tribune

Published Oct. 8, 2010

Since Sam Zell took over the Chicago Tribune, it's been an easy target for journalism wags, and now The New York Times has dumped on the paper in a front-page story ...The MDA telethon is shrinking, and what of Jerry Lewis? ... Remembering Tony Curtis in a day of movies.


OnMedia: "The Big C" gets maybe a C+

Published Aug. 16, 2010

Laura Linney's new Showtime show tries to make terminal cancer funny, sorta ... Meanwhile, "Dr." Laura's embroiled in controversy.


Chicago's take on Milwaukee's best cheeseburgers

Published Oct. 15, 2009

Today the Chicago Tribune discusses the spirited topic of "best cheeseburger in Milwaukee." The Tribune's "Cheeseburger bureau chief," Kevin Pang, boldly lays down his choices.


Milwaukee ranks among best "Midwest Weekends"

Published Sept. 6, 2005

Alan Solomon of the Chicago Tribune spent his summer visiting 13 of the Midwest's top travel destinations. On Sunday, after his first weekend at home since before Memorial Day, he published his final report and he had some great things to say about Milwaukee.