Did you know who founded the city of Chicago?

Published Feb. 17, 2020

Every year for Black History Month, Judge Derek Mosley posts daily tributes on Facebook that provide information about remarkable African-Americans who were excluded from mainstream history. Today, learn about the first non-Native settler of Chicago.


I choo-choo-choose you: Why we moved to Milwaukee

Published Jan. 23, 2020

"Why in the world did you choose Milwaukee?" is something we get asked regularly - even by people who live here. But for us, it was a no-brainer: Milwaukee had it all. Not a consolation prize but rather a place we were genuinely giddy about moving to.


Chicago Schlitz tied house owners need help finding one-of-a-kind window

Published Jan. 22, 2020

Last year, Laura Coffey Medina and her husband bought a gorgeous, triangular former Schlitz tied house tavern at 9401 S. Ewing Ave. on Chicago's South Side that they are working to reopen sometime this year. They need help locating an original window that was recently removed.


Urban spelunking: Marshall Field's / Macy's on State Street

Published Dec. 19, 2019

There are still a few historic downtown department stores that transport us back to an era when such shops ruled retail in American cities. One of them is the State Street Macy's in Chicago, whose roots go so deep that years after its rebranding, the bronze signs out front still say Marshall Field.


Reconnecting with old friends on a Windy City weekend

Published Nov. 7, 2019

So often when I travel, I go in search of the new and different. But, sometimes, it's also nice to check in on some old friends. That's what I did last time I went to Chicago for a weekend getaway.


Hazelnuts everywhere! (Including in an amazing kringle)

Published Oct. 9, 2019

As a longtime fan of the hazelnut - when I bought my house nearly 20 years ago, one of the first things I did was plant a hazelnut bush in the backyard - I'm excited to finally find this native Wisconsin plant represented in more foods than ever.


Our favorite moments from Day 1 of Lollapalooza 2019

Published Aug. 2, 2019

Lollapalooza returned to Grant Park on Thursday, kicking off the Chicago festival's 28th year of bringing some of the biggest names in music to the city's lakefront. Here are our five favorite moments from Day 1 of Lollapalooza 2019.


Cracking the code to the Safe House Chicago

Published July 8, 2019

Trying to recreate the magic of a quirky and beloved institution can be tricky, but based on a couple criteria, I think it's, ahem, safe to say that Marcus Corporation has done just that with the Safe House Chicago, in River North at 60 E. Ontario St.


Blackstone Hotel's Koval Distillery package fits like a glove

Published June 21, 2019

Chicago's Blackstone Hotel is a gorgeous piece of architecture, packed to the gills with history and decorated from head to toe with art, most of it by Windy City artists. Add a package deal with Koval Distillery, and it's like they know me.


The Dandy Warhols' Zia McCabe previews their Chicago show

Published May 6, 2019

The last time we talked to Portland's Zia McCabe, the synth/bass/percussion player for the Dandy Warhols, we barely talked about music. That was because as the band turns 25 years old, in the last few of them, McCabe has pivoted to a new career in real estate. We caught up with her before their May 11 show in Chicago.