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Milwaukee Talks: WTMJ-4 Meteorologist Brian Gotter

Published March 24, 2014

WTMJ-TV weatherman Brian Gotter is a Wisconsin guy, who via a childhood move to Oklahoma gained a love for weather, its changes and technology. Forecasting in the Midwest brings challenges for Gotter and all meteorologists but it helps bring out Gotter's personality, passion and the adrenaline rush that watches, weather events and safety concerns can bring.


WTMJ-TV returns to Time Warner Cable

Published Sept. 20, 2013

The multi-day block out of Journal Broadcast stations came to an end as WTMJ-TV Ch. 4, the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, was returned to the air on Time Warner Cable.


Channel 4's iPad promo flop

Published Nov. 30, 2011

As a cynic, I could suggest that Channel 4 is working on another, bigger giveaway for the next ratings period. A pair of Brewers season tickets?


Pandering for ratings at Channel 4

Published Oct. 27, 2011

If I worked in the newsroom at WTMJ-TV I would be ashamed to show my face in public after the new stunt the station has created to get more viewers.


OnMedia: An iPad2 contest with two winners

Published Oct. 26, 2011

If you were wondering why Channel 4 is starting a contest on Thursday, think ratings. ... "Walking Dead" gets a third season. ... A preview of Halloween on "The Office."


OnMedia: A really high pressure weather system

Published June 15, 2011

All brides-to-be worry about the weather forecast for their wedding day. But few have the tools that Channel 4's Jesse Ritka has at her disposal as the newest member of the station's weather team. ... Channel 12 wins a prestigious national Murrow Award. ... Kelsey Grammer takes on the tast of running the Windy City.


OnMedia: Channel 4 drops its 6:30 news

Published March 24, 2011

Channel 4 is exchanging a half hour of news for entertainment ... A live weather program from Channel 12 ... Remembering Elizabeth Taylor on your TV.


OnMedia: Channel 4 wins at 10 p.m. in February sweeps

Published March 3, 2011

Channel 4 scores a 10 p.m. ratings win in an incredibly newsy February ratings period ... Charlie Sheen may have set a record in gathering a million Twitter followers in 24 hours ... And Jimmy Fallon looks to Wisconsin for inspiration.


OnMedia: Charles Benson's White House coup

Published Feb. 17, 2011

He'd asked many times for an interview, and a president selling his budget said yes to Channel 4's Charles Benson ... Journal Broadcast group has strong revenues ... David Letterman apologizes to Lindsay Lohan and her family.


OnMedia: Steve Chamraz returns to Milwaukee

Published Feb. 9, 2011

A Marquette grad is coming back to town to anchor afternoon newscasts on Channel 4 ... Updates on former Milwaukee weathercasters ... Paul Ryan takes a Daily Kos attack.


OnMedia: That key TV demographic

Published Jan. 5, 2011

The broadest measure of TV viewing is by households, but the money is in the ratings among 25- to 54-year-old viewers. The November numbers offer some interesting details ... It'll soon be much easier to get Netflix movies on your television.


Channel 4's "quickie" blooper

Published Nov. 23, 2010

Channel 4 anchor George Mallet apparently has a different view of happy hour than the rest of us.


OnMedia: Brett Favre, his crocs and modern "news"

Published Aug. 12, 2010

Last week's Brett Favre scandalette wasn't important news. But it's an example of how news is changing ... The judging panel on "American Idol" is changing, too, and changing and changing ... A video look at AJ Bombers' Joe Sorge and how he uses Twitter and other social media to move burgers.


OnMedia: A hot and stormy ratings period

Published Aug. 2, 2010

Four weeks of heat and torrential rain helped bring viewers to Milwaukee TV this July ... Aria Kagan hangs on, just barely ... Tina Fey and the "30 Rock" gang are going live in October.


Channel 4 wins at 10 p.m. in July

Published July 29, 2010

July is the least important "sweeps" month of the year, but for the record, Channel 4's 10 o'clock news won the race.