Irish pub guide

Published March 15, 2019

Milwaukee may be a city with strong German roots, but when it comes to pubs, we're as Irish as Brian Boru. Here's a guide to spots where you can kick back, relax, raise a pint and toast slainte.


Hidden gem: Champion's Pub

Published April 6, 2018

Bobby Greenya wanted to own his grandfather's bar from the time he was a child, and in 2000, the dream came true when he and his wife, Maire, took over Champion's, an East Side neighborhood tavern that's been around since 1956.


12 simple ways to help move Milwaukee forward

Published Oct. 19, 2012

It's the small stuff that we all do that can truly help transform a community. Allow me, please, to offer 12 simple ideas on how to make positive change in Milwaukee.


St. Pat's Tuesday sends me to Irish culinary heaven

Published March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day on a Tuesday was lovely because it meant we didn't have to fight the crowds to get our food. I know Ireland isn't known for its food, but some of the offerings you can get in Milwaukee on this holiday would definitely make you think otherwise.


Milwaukee's best bar games, 2009: Landmark Lanes

Published Feb. 2, 2009

Landmark Lanes wins the readers' choice award for best bar games in Milwaukee and by doing so, confirms what we were all thinking. It might be old school but it's hard to find another bar with the sheer quantity of games found underground at Landmark Lanes.


Fitness trailers give pros a place to work out, hang out

Published July 29, 2006

When rain delayed play at the U.S. Bank Championship Friday Brown Deer, many of the golfers hit the fitness trailer to work out and pass the time. Regular visitors use the trailer to rehab an existing injury or prevent a new one.


Red Dot offers budget-friendly eats in Mama's old space

Published May 15, 2006

Red Dot features a small and spendthrift-friendly menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. Red Dot also offers kids' menus, but the small space readily retains cigarette smoke, and we would think twice before bringing children along here for dinner.