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Honor and dishonor sneak into the picture in Chamber's "Lobby Hero"

Published Nov. 26, 2016

One of the most interesting things about each of our lives is how we grow, shrink and change from one thing to another to another and another. It's on full display at a deep and moving production of "Lobby Hero" that opened at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre over the weekend.


Chamber Theatre's "The Train Driver" provides a momentous evening

Published March 1, 2015

There's a song they sing when there is a funeral in some of the rural parishes of Louisiana. "The graveyard ain't got no memories," they sing. It's not just the dead who are afraid of the memories, but the living are fearful as well, and it can be even tougher on those left behind if they try to make those memories clear. That is the essence of "The Train Driver," the powerful drama by Athol Fugard that opened over the weekend at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.


14 best plays of 2014 display an embarrassment of theatrical riches

Published Dec. 31, 2014

The 2014 theater war in Wisconsin is a veritable embarrassment of riches with great plays, great productions and great acting. There are some surprise on the list of the best, including a production by a new company and its very first foray into the world of Milwaukee theater.


A wealth of on-stage magic: our top theater groups

Published Dec. 23, 2008

Despite the recent loss of Milwaukee Shakespeare, Cream City still has one of the most vibrant theater scenes in the country and visitors and newcomers are always amazed that a city the size of Milwaukee is home to so many and varied stage offerings. While thinking about what we're thankful for, we started talking about this fecundity of the thespian arts and each of us began to shout out favorites. So, we decided to share them with you.


Todd's return reunites him with two loves

Published Jan. 3, 2008

After a stint in L.A., David Todd has returned to his hometown, but also to the theater -- as managing director of Milwaukee Chamber Theatre -- which has been a love of his since his days at Pius XI High School.

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