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Saturday Scorecard: Giving Gallardo the stop sign

Published Sept. 19, 2009

Brewers ace Yovani Gallardo will make his 30th and final start of the season Sunday afternoon. The Brewers are shutting him down because of a heavy workload this year. In 29 starts, Gallardo has thrown more than 3,000 pitches -- sixth-most in the National League -- over more 180 2/3 innings. Given Gallardo's age (23) and the fact that he missed most of last season after undergoing two knee surgeries, the Brewers are concerned that he could be entering the danger zone.


Fielder hits 49th, 50th homers; comments on father

Published Sept. 26, 2007

Prince Fielder has been reluctant to discuss the relationship with his father. After becoming the youngest player to hit 50 homers in a season, Fielder made some surprising comments.