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6 Milwaukee men who love cats

Published Oct. 29, 2018

In the world of stereotypes, men's best friends are dogs and ladies are crazy for cats. However, many male celebrities remind us that there's nothing unmanly about expressing feline affection. Locally, we tracked down multiple men who really love cats and they shared their stories - and their photos - with us.


Check out the winning #OnMeowaukee cat photos

Published Oct. 13, 2015

Five people who posted cat photos to Instagram with the #OnMilwaukee hashtag won baskets of goodies from Bark 'N Scratch Outpost and Fresh Is Best. Check out the winning photos here.


Diary of a cat: Escape plan

Published Sept. 27, 2015

In this series, we peep into the private life of Elmo, a long-haired orange tabby cat who has a penchant for journaling.


Milwaukee All-Stars: Cat whisperer and rescuer Julie Krawczyk

Published Sept. 27, 2015

Meet the East Side's Julie Krawczyk, a programmer by day and cat and kitten saver by night. Julie is total All-Star material, giving everything she does 100 percent effort, and she tried to get a feline for the Milverine.

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