Cassandra mcshepard


Milwaukee Talks: "Real Milwaukee" co-host Cassandra McShepard

Published Nov. 23, 2011

If you're planning on interviewing Cassandra McShepard, one of the hosts of FOX-6's successful morning talk show, "Real Milwaukee," make sure you have plenty of time. When the former radio show host says, "I'm not finished talking yet," she's not kidding. McShepard has a lot to say.


OnMedia: "Real Milwaukee" launches

Published Sept. 7, 2010

The biggest task of Channel 6's new "Real Milwaukee" morning show is to look nothing like the four and a half hours of news that precedes it ... Kara DioGuardi formally leaves "Idol" ... Jerry Lewis wraps up another telethon.


OnMedia: Going from news to "fun"

Published Sept. 2, 2010

Channel 6 launches its new local 9 a.m. hour on Tuesday -- and it's definitely not a news show ... Will Stephen Colbert's fans organize a "Restoring Truthiness" rally in Washington? ... We're number 35.


OnMedia: Channel 12 is getting up earlier

Published Aug. 31, 2010

Channel 12 starts its morning news a half-hour earlier ... Channel 6 is turning to radio to complete the staff for its new local non-news 9 a.m. show ... A goodbye to Jack Horkheimer.