Adelson is pulling the strings on Walker's Kenosha casino decisions

Published Feb. 12, 2015

Scott Walker is busy running for president and that campaign means he's got to curry favor with rich guys. Sheldon Adelson, the casino emperor, is a rich guy who hates the idea of a casino in Kenosha. And Governor Walker is trying to keep this guy happy.


Potawatomi deserves to have Kenosha proposal turned down

Published Nov. 20, 2014

Scott Walker has until Feb. 19 to decide whether to approve a casino in Kenosha. But that facility would clearly have an impact on Milwaukee's Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, and that would certainly be an added hardship for hundreds of charities in the city.


Chicago's favorite casino is in Milwaukee

Published May 5, 2009

Chicago Tribune reporter Jason George analyzed nine casinos within 100 miles of Downtown Chicago. He also ranked them, listing them "in order of (his) affection." His favorite was in Milwaukee.


Wisconsin casino guide

Published March 4, 2009

Envision a getaway of lights, gambling and world-class entertainment. Las Vegas is nearly 1,800 miles from Milwaukee, but Wisconsin's casinos offer up the same thrill and excitement of slots, blackjack and bingo (minus Siegfried and Roy), right in our backyard.