MET Camp: My favorite looks from the Met Gala 2019

Published May 7, 2019

If you have been endlessly scrolling through #metgala and #metcamp since last night, no worries, it's perfectly normal and you're in good company. Here are the looks we liked from last night's extravagant evening.


This one time at band camp: Ladies Rock!

Published Dec. 20, 2015

Ladies Rock - a rock-and-roll band camp for grown women - started in 2015 and will have another session in March at UWM. The camp invites 30 women to learn an instrument, form a band and gig out within a weekend.


Fox and Branch offer "Jug Band Jamboree" day camp

Published June 10, 2015

Dave Fox and Will Branch have been a musical duo and "jug band" called Fox & Branch for two decades, bringing joyful sounds to grown ups and children. For the first time this July, they will offer a day camp for kids at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.


"CAMP" chronicles the struggles of forgotten kids in foster care

Published Jan. 20, 2014

The "CAMP" project had to go beyond just being an entertaining story, it had to tell the struggles that our forgotten children in the foster care system face as a reality ... not just a plot device. This movie does that, and then some.