100 worst Milwaukee pick-up lines

Published Feb. 11, 2018

We really do not suggest you try these at home. Or in a bar. Or anywhere. Ever. But we do hope you'll get a chuckle or a groan from this updated list of awful Milwaukee pick-up lines. Happy Valentine's Day, Milwaukee.


Another Calatrava artwork is coming to Milwaukee this summer

Published May 2, 2017

For years now, Milwaukee and its visitors have marveled at the Santiago Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Art Museum. And this summer, Brew City will be getting another Calatrava piece - and almost two dozen other public pieces to go alongside of it.


New MAM exhibit brings private collectors' treasures into public eye

Published March 10, 2017

Art museums cultivate relationships with collectors, whose passions museums can help share with the larger community. Milwaukee Art Museum explores and celebrates those relationships in its new exhibition, "Milwaukee Collects," which opens today.


You won't believe these 7 Milwaukee "imposters"

Published June 12, 2015

As we Milwaukeeans travel these great United States, we sometimes stumble upon something that looks very, very familiar, but at the same time, not quite the way we're used to seeing it. Kinda like that cast George and Jerry hired for their TV show about themselves on "Seinfeld." Here are a few of them...


Hey Chicago, there are unique places to visit in Milwaukee

Published July 4, 2012

I think the idea of promoting truly unique attractions is what you need when you try to lure tourists. Why leave your hometown to go somewhere where you can get the same stuff you can get at home? With that background in mind, I've come up with a list of things that are unique to Milwaukee and could be featured in an advertising campaign in Chicago.

Omcrecommends070211_fullsize_story1 recommends, July 2, 2011

Published July 2, 2011

What do we like this week? Summerfest, of course, but also a delicious fried food alternative, a great way to stay protected from the sun, some bonus tunes to check out and a breathtaking view to start or end your day. Read on to get the details in this week's Recommends.


Alessi: MAM show helps raise awareness of good design

Published Nov. 19, 2010

Giant of modern design Alberto Alessi was in Milwaukee yesterday to deliver a lecture at the Milwaukee Art Museum as part of the four-day "Art of the Table" event. We sat down with him for a few minutes.


OnMedia: A late-night TV analysis

Published Nov. 4, 2010

A survey of late-night TV viewers shows offers some interesting insights into who's watching what... Things don't look good for the CW's "Life Unexpected"... A look at the latest Victoria's Secret ad -- shot at the Milwaukee Art Museum.