Buy local


100 Milwaukee gifts

Published April 14, 2020

Searching for the perfect way to celebrate 414 Milwaukee Day? Buy local - and buy often - from this guide of 100 Milwaukee gifts.


Shop online for cool merch to help local businesses weather the storm

Published March 18, 2020

As coffee shops, craft brewers and distillers, and bar and restaurant owners struggle financially during the restrictions in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we're all wondering how we can help. One way is to buy the cool merch online.


Find Waldo and support local businesses

Published June 30, 2014

Where's Waldo? In Milwaukee, during the month of July, he's practically everywhere, thanks to Boswell Book Co.'s Find Waldo Local scavenger hunt promotion.


Ceramicist finds creative niche

Published Jan. 10, 2013

With a little resourcefulness and a lot of honed talent, local artist and mom Beth Eaton Knepler is building a successful career as a ceramicist.


10 tips for getting the most out of the farmers market

Published July 24, 2012

It's getting to be that time of the year again - that glorious season when farmers market stalls are bursting with delicious fruits and vegetables. But, how do you get the most from that trip to the farmers market? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.


Cash mobs tackle the issue of struggling local economies

Published March 26, 2012

Cash mobs are a buy-local movement that combines social networking, small business and shopping. And they're happening right here in Milwaukee thanks to Occupy Riverwest and, soon, Fund Milwaukee.


Small Shops United promotes local businesses

Published March 11, 2012

Small Shops United is a new program that launched in January 2012 that creates a bond between consumers and local merchants in order to strengthen local communities. There are eight partners in this venture and seven of them live or lived in Milwaukee.


Social Circle: Are you really going to "buy local" this year?

Published Nov. 24, 2011

The words "buy local" are so common these days, it's possible that they have lost meaning for some people. But not for these Milwaukeeans who plan to avoid the malls and buy gifts from Milwaukee / Wisconsin shop owners and crafts people.


Bay View bar expands local focus

Published Nov. 12, 2010

When Blackbird launches its new Wisconsin beer list in January, the blackboard framed with barn-wood from the owner's parents' farm will feature nearly 60 Wisconsin brews from 20 different state breweries.


Project M showcases Milwaukee's fashion designers

Published Jan. 31, 2010

Sparrow Collective Gallery picked up where Fasten left off last year, offering Bay Viewers an outlet for Milwaukee-made products, and this March Project M will be Riverwest's answer to the DIY craft movement.


Our Milwaukee Week helps boost our local economy

Published May 19, 2009

It was a week just like any other -- until a collection of determined entrepreneurs formed Our Milwaukee, an organization of nearly 100 local, independent businesses aimed at raising awareness about the positive impact of local shopping and showcasing the goods and services that make Milwaukee special.