Potential MCTS cuts create anxiety in community

Published Aug. 31, 2019

Anxiety in the community continues to rise ever since the MCTS recently announced that 16 routes are in danger of being cut, two routes are potentially being shortened, and some seasonal services will be eliminated, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


More security on buses? Here are some things you should know

Published July 20, 2019

The Milwaukee County Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee has discussed replacing current transit security with a Transit Security Division operated by the sheriff's office. Here are some things you need to know, courtesy of Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.


Experts say "wheel tax" needed to maintain public transit

Published Nov. 2, 2016

A $60 county vehicle registration fee, known as the "wheel tax," may be unpopular, but experts say it is necessary to maintain public transportation services for people who rely on the bus, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


MCTS announces free bus pass program to help people register to vote

Published Feb. 11, 2016

MCTS, in conjunction with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, are announcing a program that will provide free smart card bus passes for people who need a ride to register to vote or to receive identification documents necessary to vote.


Getting to suburban jobs remains a challenge for city workers

Published April 16, 2015

Despite growing numbers of jobs located outside of Milwaukee's central city, according to a report from Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, many neighborhood residents continue to be unable to reach potential employers by bus.


One-time $2 M-CARD charge goes into effect April 6

Published March 24, 2015

This morning, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) will begin charging $2 per card starting on Monday, April 6. The fee is a one-time charge for the smart card; after that fee, customers only have to pay for the fares that are put on it.


MCTS retires Route 10 name, ending a century of transit history

Published Jan. 21, 2015

Once a streetcar line (and having a slightly different route than the modern bus service), the Route 10 designation dates to the 1920s. In 1958, a Route 10 trolley was the last streetcar operating in Milwaukee. On Sunday, Jan. 18, the historic route number was retired, ending nearly a century of Milwaukee transit history.


MCTS adds stored value on bus smart cards

Published Oct. 13, 2014

Today, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) added stored value on MCTS M*CARD smart cards, now available for purchase at 55 retail outlet locations scattered throughout the county. The additional option of stored value comes two weeks after MCTS began selling one-day, seven-day and 31-day smart card passes.


A streetcar named nostalgia

Published Jan. 6, 2011

Since 1958, Milwaukeeans have relied solely on rubber tires to navigate their city. But from the moment the streetcars came to a screeching halt, we've felt nostalgia for them.