No quarters needed for a Milwaukee birthday

Published Nov. 9, 2014

What better way to celebrate a birthday in Milwaukee than taking on the parking meter gods with just one quarter, trying a new breakfast, then returning to a tried and true dinner favorite, then taking off to the woods for a ghost tour?


Happy little camper

Published Aug. 26, 2013

I didn't really go camping as a kid. It just wasn't something my family did. I started camping in high school and college, and have gone a handful of times since then. I enjoy it, as long as the trips are brief and showers are nearby. While I'm intrigued about really roughing it, I'm also OK with mixing in an easy camping outing every summer or two, and the time was finally right to introduce our daughter to the concept of enjoying the great outdoors.


Meet the "Gilligan" of Barnacle Bud's

Published March 24, 2012

Anyone who spends any time at Barnacle Bud's has seen Shane Bonner, aka "Gilligan," in action. Bonner's Milwaukee "island lifestyle" started early this year. Barnacle Bud's opened on Feb. 18, the earliest opening date ever. "This makes for a very prosperous and smile-filled summer," he says.


Saturday Scorecard: Separating truth from fiction

Published Sept. 20, 2008

The standings and schedule may indicate that the Brewers still have a chance for a playoff berth. The reality is that they've blown it by losing a boatload of games in September. Jeff Suppan's hideous outing Friday night in Cincinnati may have been the final straw.


Quench your quirk with wacky Wisco destinations

Published May 6, 2008

What if this year you revolutionized your definition of vacation, and instead of chilling in the screened-in porch at your parent's cabin, you road tripped to see the world's largest penny or the Mustard Museum?


Fall in the orchard

Published Oct. 9, 2007

Years ago, we stumbled upon an orchard near the Bong Rec Area and every autumn, we'd make the drive down to get apples, cider and, sometimes, hickory nuts and to get into that fall feeling.


Milwaukee 7: Racine undergoing a renaissance

Published July 13, 2007

Racine County sits to the south of Milwaukee County and is the heart of the Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor. The county has more than its share of attractions and benefits for the visitor and those who decide to make it their home or new business location.


A memorable meeting with Tony Romo

Published Nov. 24, 2006

OMC sports contributor Dennis Krause remembers the day he interviewed Tony Romo at the scouting combine, but it's not because he knew the former Burlington QB was headed for greatness.


BURSPUR provided route to freedom

Published June 8, 2006

You can almost see the people, traveling the Underground Railroad route, in their escape from slavery to freedom. The Burlington, Rochester and Spring Prairie Underground Railroad (BURSPUR) trail in Racine and Walworth Counties was taken by hundreds of freedom seekers.


First vintage bubbles up from new Wisconsin winery

Published Nov. 13, 2002

When life gives you apples, make apple champagne. At least that's what Charles McGonegal has done with Aeppel Treow Winery, which opened in September on the Brightonwoods Orchard, a few miles east of Burlington in Kenosha County.