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Milwaukee Bucket List: Does Lakefront Brewery live up to the hype?

Published June 14, 2018

Lakefront Brewery has probably the most famous tour in Milwaukee. All around town and even in other cities I've seen the well-known "LB" logo on people's sweatshirts and beer glasses. I went Saturday to see if Lakefront lived up to the hype.


#WeWant: Father's Day edition

Published June 16, 2016

Don't know what to get the guy who's always been there for you? Don't worry, OnMilwaukee is here to help with suggestions for all of the men in your life.


Best Place provides fascinating, funny historic brewery tour

Published Jan. 16, 2013

Anyone who likes to laugh, drink beer and learn about Milwaukee history will love the Best Place Beer History Tour. Jim Haertel, co-owner of the former Pabst Brewery site since 2001, gives the majority of the 10 tours offered every week.


Local brewery tours are a highlight of Brew City

Published Aug. 30, 2008

Beer. It's what we do here in Milwaukee. Lucky for us, we've got three local breweries -- Lakefront, Miller and Sprecher -- in relatively close proximity, that offer fun-filled tours that are either free or dirt cheap.


Cheap date guide

Published Feb. 6, 2008

If you're a hopeless romantic, and you're hopelessly broke, a cheap date in Milwaukee doesn't mean sitting at home watching TV and drinking screw-top wine.


Sprecher brews up a new tour

Published May 12, 2002

The Sprecher Brewery in Glendale is brewing up more than beer this spring. Milwaukee's oldest microbrewery has remodeled almost 1,000 sq. ft. of former warehouse and loading dock space which will soon house a new guest center, an expanded gift shop and a brewing museum.