Distill America returns for its 12th edition in Madison

Published Feb. 12, 2020

Distill America XII, a benefit for the Wisconsin Distillers Guild, which represents the state's craft distillers, is set to take place Saturday, Feb. 22 from 6 until 9 p.m. at The Edgewater Hotel on the shore of Lake Mendota in Madison.


Milwaukee Talks: SoulBoxer's Doug MacKenzie and Jason Neu

Published Dec. 31, 2017

After meeting at Great Lakes Distillery, Doug MacKenzie and Jason Neu went on to start their own company, SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. which offers ready-to-pour Old Fashioneds. It's been a whirlwind success for the two, but they took a few minutes to talk booze and things with OnMilwaukee.


SoulBoxer Brandy Old Fashioned serves up Wisconsin in a bottle

Published Feb. 4, 2015

The Brandy Old Fashioned is quite possibly the state's signature drink and people are particularly passionate about how it's made. Doug MacKenzie and Jason Neu took this to heart while starting Black Fawn Cocktail Co., a new, local cocktail company that created the SoulBoxer Brandy Old Fashioned.


Creative spirit infuses master distiller MacKenzie's work

Published Feb. 23, 2012

The first time I visited master distiller Doug MacKenzie was at the old Great Lakes Distillery. There weren't bubbling beakers puffing steam, but the large copper still and the stainless steel tanks gave the place a certain laboratory feel. And though he seemed entirely normal, MacKenzie's passion for creating spirits and his openness to try just about anything gave him a certain mad scientist vibe.