Walker's Point dining guide

Published Oct. 25, 2019

Walker's Point is a highly diverse neighborhood offering equally as diverse cuisine. It may take some time to get through all of those options.


Unique Boutique: Form & Specter

Published Nov. 30, 2018

While Form is a shop fixated on plants, gifts and unique goods to decorate your space, Specter aims to provide artifacts that illustrate the process of life and create feelings of nostalgia and growth for customers.


How to foster your gut health

Published Aug. 27, 2018

Gut microbiota play a critical role for our overall health, regulating our immune system, mood, inflammation, blood pressure, metabolism and risk of disease. And thankfully there are plenty of ways to be good to your gut in Milwaukee.


11 tasty photos from the sixth annual Walker's Point Food Crawl

Published June 3, 2017

A little rain couldn't damper the belly-filling fun of the sixth annual Walker's Point Food Crawl on Saturday afternoon, as gastronomes tasted their way through the historic neighborhood, sampling old favorites and trying out new spots.


Not bowled over by playoff argument

Published Jan. 12, 2007

OMC sports columnist Dave Begel weighs in with opinions on the college bowl system, the plight of the Bucks and the state of a local sports talk radio station.


The college bowl diaries

Published Jan. 7, 2006

I'm exhausted! Even the most adamant of college football fans has to be a bit fatigued after 15 straight days of football (including the NFL). In general it is every football fan's dream -- not having to worry when a game will be on.


In defense of the bowl season

Published Dec. 24, 2002

While the Alamo Bowl between Wisconsin and Colorado might seem like just one of an endless string of meaningless bowl games this month, the often-mocked bowl system has its merits, too.