Outdoor winter activities guide

Published Jan. 12, 2010

From sledding to skiing, skating and more, there's no reason to hide from the Wisconsin winter. Get out there and have some fun. But, don't do it before checking out our guide.


What's a city bong, and why's it so cheap?

Published Nov. 17, 2008

TDIMH has been a long-time work in progress, culled from many sources by many people. Which is why I have no idea what today's event from 1858 could possible mean ...


Tokers beware of Wisconsin's pot laws

Published Nov. 29, 2004

Today the Supreme Court will decide if medicinal marijuana use will remain legal in certain states. Wisconsin's laws are not as liberal, but a national director of the NORML organization thinks that could change.


Bong Center salutes WWII ace

Published June 4, 2004

The Richard I. Bong Center WWII Center in Superior keeps the memory of the great fighter pilot and all World War II vets alive. Read about it in Gregg Hoffmann's Beyond Milwaukee.