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The story behind The Boat House

Published June 7, 2017

Milwaukee's East Side "Boat House" is for sale. Here's a look back to a story from 2004 that provides the history and a resident's take on the nautical dwelling.


Kid Rock docks in Milwaukee

Published Aug. 3, 2016

After being spotted yesterday floating around the shores of Mackinac Island on a 198-foot yacht - reportedly appraised at $100 million - Robert "Kid Rock" James Ritchie apparently docked in Milwaukee later that same day.


No ticket required: The Big Gig by boat

Published July 7, 2013

Senior writer Molly Snyder has had a lot of Summerfest experiences, but recently she enjoyed Summerfest for the first time from Lake Michigan.


Milwaukee shines when traveling by boat

Published July 17, 2007

As someone who has tooled around the city by boat at least a handful of times in my life, let me tell you this: you haven't seen Milwaukee until you've seen it from the water.

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Chilly Fun at the Gathering Waters Festival

I've been looking forward to this summer. I was hoping that being an intern, along with all of my other summer activities (as well as being about to enter my senior of college), I would be able to learn a lot of things about my city and hopefully, about myself. What have m...

Tie-Up at Party Island in Okauchee

The Okauchee Lake Boat Tie-up, dubbed Wisconsin’s Biggest Floating party, is an annual ritual held the last Saturday of July.  I’ve lived in Lake Country almost 13 years and have heard about it, but have never taken part. Personally, I know just a few who have been there/done t...

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