Big love


OnMedia: Is it time for Christmas music just yet?

Published Oct. 29, 2010

It's Halloween weekend, which has, in the past, seen the launch of Christmas music on the radio ... A Marcus movie deal for the next week ... Channel 58 finally shows up in HD on Dish Network.


OnMedia: ABC says goodbye to "Ugly Betty"

Published Jan. 28, 2010

"Ugly Betty" will end its colorful run on ABC this spring... One-time Milwaukeean Molly Malaney is marrying her Seattle guy -- on TV... Anybody else creeped out by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism's "Old Man Winter"?


OnMedia: A busy January on the TV screen

Published Jan. 4, 2010

Big network shows like Fox's "American Idol" and "24," along with NBC's "Chuck" return to the schedule this month, along with countless cable shows. ... And Rush Limbaugh is due to return to the radio a couple days late after his medical problems in Hawaii last week.


Polygamy often leads to mind control and abuse

Published Sept. 25, 2009

Many people confuse polygamy with bigamy, which also means multiple marriages. The difference between the two is that in polygamy, all the involved parties know about one another, which is often not the case in bigamy. In this country, both are illegal. Bigamy is considered a misdemeanor and polygamy a felony. The practices are in the spotlight more and more due to recent court cases over the matter as well as popular television shows like "Big Love," which portray the ins and outs of polygamist families in a fictional setting.