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Ryan Reynolds' immortality thriller "Self/Less" is disappointingly soul/less

Published July 19, 2015

Tarsem Singh is a man who spent about four years and much of his own money traveling the globe's most outrageously beautiful locales in order to make his magnum opus "The Fall." So how'd he end up standing behind the camera of "Self/Less," an utterly anonymous and impact-free immortality action-thriller that - much like the fresh if not quite new bodies being peddled in the film - seems "alive only in the most basic sense"?


"Iron Man 3" a soaring start to the summer movie season

Published May 3, 2013

The first question I had walking out of "The Avengers" last summer was, "How freaking awesome was that?" The second question - a bit more difficult to answer - was, "How is any comic book superhero movie ever going to be able to compete with that?" Pretty easily, as it turns out. "Iron Man 3" may not fly as high as its star-studded combo platter predecessor, but it still makes for a great start to the summer.


Milwaukee Talks: Filmmaker Chip Duncan

Published Feb. 22, 2005

Just like most of us do, Chip Duncan started at the bottom. He went from painting studio floors and sets at the NBC affiliate in Madison to being an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author, lecturer and president of The Duncan Group, Inc., based in Milwaukee.


Kingsley spotted on streets of Milwaukee

Published Jan. 28, 2005

OnMilwaukee was surprised to run into actor Ben Kingsley Downtown this week, not once but twice! Sir Ben Kingsley (yes, he’s a knight!), was in Brew City doing post-production work.

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