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Milwaukee Talks: Bar entrepreneur Mike Vitucci

Published June 4, 2015

Family is what Mike Vitucci is all about. His is a somewhat iconic bar name in Milwaukee, but he's more than made his own name with his own places, success and strong connection to his young, growing family at home. This edition of Milwaukee Talks catches up with Vitucci as he talks about the bar scene in Milwaukee, trends, opportunities and more.


Brew City Bar Tab: A blast from the past

Published Dec. 23, 2011

The phrase "the good old days" exists for a reason. Things were - at least according to the older, wiser people I talk to - classier, quality-made and more refined. Unfortunately, the bygone days are just that, and time machines are still in the idea stage.


Pick a wine dinner, any wine dinner

Published Oct. 18, 2011

Tomorrow is Wednesday in Milwaukee, so, of course, you've got at least two gourmet wine dinners to choose from. Or you could stay home and watch the Cardinals and Rangers ... yawn.


The Belmont Tavern opens today

Published June 2, 2011

For many of us, summer officially begins tonight with the first Jazz in the Park concert of 2011 at Cathedral Square. It also marks the opening of the new Belmont Tavern a half block away at 784 N. Jefferson St.


Vitucci's Belmont Tavern opens for Jazz on June 2

Published May 27, 2011

Michael Vitucci's The Belmont Tavern, 784 N. Jefferson St., will debut on Thursday, June 2, at 4 p.m., to introduce itself to the crowd on hand for the season's first Jazz in the Park. The new cocktail lounge is located in the former Melody's for Women boutique space and has 45-foot glass windows that open to eliminate the barrier between indoors and outdoors on warm days.

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