Female fest-goers solve public restroom problem

Published July 6, 2016

There's been a load of emphatic public debate all over the country about who should be allowed to use which bathroom. And yet, for decades, women have consistently and quietly taken matters into their own hands to resolve restroom dissatisfaction.


13 bar bathrooms to have sex in

Published June 30, 2015

We're not suggesting y'all run out and skeez up every stall in the city, but if you and your bar-hopping partner find yourselves in desperate need of privacy between sips, here's a list of local bars with serviceable bathrooms for "the sex."


What's behind door No. 2?

Published Feb. 28, 2012

This is an open letter to all businesses (restaurants, retail shops, etc.) in the Milwaukee area that provide a restroom for their patrons. Clean them. Frequently.


Bizarre Riverwurst Comics is well worth $2

Published Jan. 9, 2003

A self-described Luddite, Tea Krulos assembled his brand new comic 'zine, Riverwurst Comics, without the help of a computer. "It has a slightly flawed but very human touch," he says. OMC interviewed the funny, articulate and twisted Krulos about comics and more.


Clean bar bathrooms: Part II

Published July 25, 2002

OMC did more washroom research and discovered a few more Milwaukee establishments with fab facilities for females.