Give the gift of music

Published Dec. 8, 2017

Every December I remember signs appearing in record shops everywhere that said, "Give the Gift of Music." While the formats have changed - and then changed again and are now changing back to records - the suggestion remains a solid one.


Meet me at the Garde

Published April 13, 2013

Dan Ball, who as a member of The Velvet Whip was there for the "rock" era of the Avant Garde Coffee House went to the opening reception of "The Avant Garde Coffee House Project" last week at UWM's Inova Gallery and reports back.


Milwaukee Talks: Denis Kitchen

Published July 12, 2006

Denis Kitchen is a major player in the world of comics; that’s the world of R. Crumb, Will Eisner, Art Spiegelman and others. And he’s a Milwaukee boy. He returns home to collaborate with MAM and we took the opportunity to catch up with him.


The Velvet Whip tore through musical conventions

Published Dec. 29, 2005

The Velvet Whip grew out of a desire to fuse classical instrumentation and contemporary music and quickly became one of the hottest acts on the counterculture scene, playing at the Avant Garde Coffee House and other venues in the second half of the 1960s.


Avant Garde inducted many into local counterculture

Published March 1, 2005

The Avant Garde Coffeehouse, upstairs in the French Moorish building at 2111 N. Prospect Ave. shone bright for six years, providing a home for musicians, poets and artists. After six years, it rocked a little too hard for some neighbors, who helped shutter it in '68.