Alterra brings Barista Competition to Milwaukee

Published March 12, 2008

This weekend Alterra Coffee Roasters is bringing a bit of competition to Milwaukee. For the first time, Milwaukee welcomes competitors from a five-state region to compete in the fourth annual Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition.


Alterra hosts barista competition

Published March 6, 2008

Alterra Coffee Roasters hosts the 2008 Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition (GLRBC) at the P.H. Dye Building, 320 E. Buffalo St., March 14-16.


Cappuccino codified

Published Jan. 16, 2007

know that some will blast the further “regulation” of the world and its joys, but for someone like me who is tired of being asked by chain café employees whether I want my cappuccino “wet” or “dry,” the codification by Italians of the proper cappuccino is very welcome.