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Milwaukee's best bar games & trivia, 2010: Club Charlies

Published Feb. 1, 2010

Some people go out to bars to socialize with friends or meet people. Others are looking to kick some butt in a little competitive sport. Whether it's pool, darts, dice or trivia questions, getting a friendly game going can be the difference between the same old, same old and a really fun night out -- especially if you're winning.


Milwaukee's British Pub Quiz isn't so trivial

Published Nov. 13, 2008

To the average American, the difference between pub quizzes and bar trivia is inconsequential; but to British-born British Pub Quiz quizmaster Ryan Wickens, we're talking two totally different ballgames. When Wickens moved to Milwaukee at age 18 to attend Cardinal Stritch University, he started tending bar at the BritInn. It was there that he launched his live-host bar trivia service, British Pub Quiz.

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