Are bars recession-proof?

Published Jan. 19, 2009

With Atomic shutting down and now the news that after 82 years, Schwartz Bookshops will close in the Milwaukee area, I wondered if the old adage that says bars (and perhaps bar / restaurants) are recession-proof is true. So, I asked someone who oughta know.


Record Store Day reminds us to support local businesses

Published April 18, 2008

Saturday is Record Store Day in the U.S. and in Milwaukee, local shops like Atomic Records, RushMor, Bull's Eye and Exclusive Company celebrate the joys of recorded music stamped into vinyl or encoded onto CDs.


Wildbirds migrate back to home turf

Published Aug. 13, 2007

Two days after The Wildbirds officially launch their "Golden Daze" disc with a gig at the Troubadour in Hollywood, the Appleton rockers return to America's Dairyland to play at Atomic Records.

Leadnoimage music update: Jan. 16-21, 2007

Published Jan. 16, 2007

There's a new local music podcast with Julie Lawrence and WMSE's Brent Gohde, hits from Atomic and news from WMSE ... all here in the music update.

Leadnoimage music update: Nov. 14, 2006

Published Nov. 14, 2006

From "Stomp" to Broken Social Scene's Jason Collett to Atomic's weekly chart and a link to the latest WMSE/ local music podcast, it's all here in the OMC music update.


Bettie Serveert ages gracefully

Published Oct. 5, 2006

Bettie Serveert makes me feel old. More than dozen years ago, carrying around a copy of "Palomine" by of the Dutch band fronted by the inimitable vocals of Carol van Dijk, signified you knew what was up in happening music. But now the group -- like its audience -- has matured.


The Bonnie Prince hits Atomic

Published Aug. 8, 2006

A lot of folks know Bonnie Prince Billy by his common name, Will Oldham. And his Oldham's fans adore his low-key, earthy and melancholic songs. Those are the same kinds of songs that fuel Prince Billy's latest Drag City Records disc, "The Letting Go," recorded in Iceland.


Spencer's sophomore release makes the grade

Published Nov. 30, 2005

After a year of recording, mixing and mastering, Heidi Spencer has released her second independent album, "The Luck We Make." Her first disc, "Matches and Valentines," a diverse collection of acoustic-based songs, came out a couple of years ago.


Atomic sets up intimate date with Bettie Serveert

Published June 27, 2005

Things get no more intimate than Bettie Serveert's set at Atomic Records on Sunday. The Dutch band had planned on driving straight through to Sunday's Madison show from Chicago without stopping.


Milwaukee threesomes make for great nights out

Published Feb. 8, 2005

What could be better than a Milwaukee threesome? Get your mind out of the gutter, buddy, that's not what we mean. A Milwaukee threesome: three great ways to spend the day -- or evening -- with a friend, with a date or, if it's the best you can do, with mom.


Milwaukee rockabilly scene is alive and swell

Published April 9, 2004

Defining the term "rockabilly" is as slippery as the grease in Elvis' hair, but an OMC writer and numerous Milwaukeeans into the scene -- including members of the band The Uptown Savages -- give it a whirl anyway.


Atomic #9 ain't your mamma's kind of band

Published April 17, 2003

For those of you who need some tunes with a little bit of rock, a little bit of punk and a whole lot of rage, you'll find what your looking for in this local band, which plays this week at the Metal Meltdown.


Home-grown record label's execs content being inconspicous

Published July 18, 2000

In contrast to the local musicians who are highly visible and have become Milwaukee's popular icons of music, there are some inconspicuous music geniuses roaming the streets of this town. Milwaukee, meet Wobblyhead.