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Get out your crystals and buckle your celestial seatbelts

Published April 14, 2014

The nighttime sky will reveal the "blood moon" or orange "pink full moon" on April 15. This visual phenomenon can be attributed to the beginning of a series of eclipses, each six months apart that will go on through 2015.


My first tarot card reading

Published Aug. 12, 2011

I don't buy astrology. It's not that I don't believe in anything supernatural, but the fact that I'm a Gemini means very little to me. And, the notion that a deck of cards could somehow predict my future seems very dubious. However, I've been working on trying new experiences with an open mind lately, and of course, when I'm evaluating something for professional purposes, I check my hesitations at the door. So when a friend bought me a tarot reading from Elliot Adam, I treated the gift not as a skeptic, but as a willing participant.


Blame Mercury for your bad week (I did)

Published Feb. 15, 2008

A friend told me that Mercury’s in retrograde until Monday. Basically, that’s New Age for “expect communication breakdowns until early next week.”


Psychic experience: An appointment with Mary Ellen Pride

Published May 23, 2006

Mary Ellen Pride says psychic abilities are like having perfect pitch -- or any other gift for that matter. It's just something you're born with. Today she works as a psychic and astrologer from her East Side office and two curious OMC writers made an appointment to see what Pride could "see" for them.

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Kissing Astrology

Tuesday December 6th, 2011 - Fox Lake, IL   I can’t help wondering exactly how much significance there is, if any, in astrology. Is it all a load of cosmic crap or is there something to it? It’s been around for thousands if not tens of thousands of years, and it pre dates mo...

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