Arthur hinty


These "Miserable Men" want to make you laugh

Published April 13, 2010

If you don't subscribe to satellite radio and listen to Howard Stern's channel, you may not be familiar with the "Miserable Men." That doesn't mean you won't enjoy the show, though. Local comedian/writer Arthur Hinty is bringing the group to town for a show Saturday night at The Times Cinema near Watusi, er, Wauwatosa. Read on for details.


A loving eulogy for Chicago's Lakeshore Theater

Published April 8, 2010

When one of your favorite businesses closes, it can be like seeing a close friend die. Milwaukeeans have experienced that recently with Atomic Records, Pizza Man and numerous other venues. Comedian Arthur Hinty is mourning the imminent loss of the Lakeshore Theater, where offbeat comics basked in a creative environment that may never be replicated.


A contest for funny folks who truly loathe Minnesota

Published Dec. 21, 2008

Is Minnesota the Land of 10,000 Lakes or the Land of 10,000 Punchlines? The folks from BigBoned Comedy and the Minneapolis Comedy Death Squad will find out when they square off Jan. 7 at the BBC.


Act 2: BigBoned Comedy returns to BBC Wednesday

Published Dec. 2, 2008

"Some of us just don't fit in comedy clubs," said Arthur Hinty a founding member and performer in BigBoned Comedy, a troupe that makes its second show Wednesday night at BBC. "They're the McDonald's of entertainment -- everything is designed to be bland and inoffensive, people drop in willing to grab whatever happens to be on the menu, and an hour later they can barely remember what they ate. That's just how the club (and the audience) wants it."


BigBoned Comedy brings big laughs to the BBC

Published Nov. 5, 2008

A new comedy series, which features a handful of local and national comics tackling specific themes during their sets, debuts at 9 p.m. tonight upstairs at the BBC Bar and Grill, 2022 E. North Ave.


Discount Comedy in Bay View

Published April 26, 2008

Comedian Andy Andrist, whose CD “Dumb It Down for the Masses” is a collection of his trashy takes on overweight women, trailer parks, special athletes, Wal-Marts and death, headlines a night of “Discount Comedy in Bay View” Tuesday at the Alchemist Theatre.


OMC update: Meet (the thinner) Arthur Hinty

Published April 17, 2007

In August, we told the story of Arthur Hinty, a Milwaukee native/aspiring comedian whose friends put out a benefit CD to help pay for gastric bypass surgery to help save his life. Seven months and 120 pounds later, here is the update.