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TypeFace turns local communities into their own content and canvas

Published Nov. 6, 2013

Reginald Baylor has a problem with reading. "I do not see pictures when I read words," the Milwaukee-based artist said. "I can't get the environment processed in my mind. Those letters don't translate into an environment." Interestingly enough, that's exactly what TypeFace, Baylor's latest art project, aims to do: translate and transform words into something that visually reflects an environment, or, in the case of this project, a community.


Milwaukee: Where millennials can make it

Published Nov. 4, 2013

Recognition is nice. We all like it, and should give more of it. So, it's heartwarming to see Milwaukee make The Atlantic Cities' "Where Millennials Can Make It Now" list.


Up to $50,000 for your great ideas for Wisconsin Avenue

Published Oct. 21, 2013

Design matters and a little bit more attention to details along the avenue will help. To this end, ART Milwaukee, Newaukee and other civic groups want to transform how people perceive Wisconsin Avenue. And there's a $50,000 fund to help bring your awesome ideas to life.


Milwaukee Talks: ART Milwaukee's Jeremy Fojut

Published May 16, 2013

ART Milwaukee's Jeremy Fojut is leading a new charge in Milwaukee, one full of creativity and passion. The organization he helps lead enriches, empowers and inspires the community through art programming and events Learn more about Fojut and ART Milwaukee in this latest edition of Milwaukee Talks.


Local theater companies vie for younger audiences

Published Feb. 3, 2013

Art Milwaukee is partnering with a number of theater companies to stage "Interact." It's a unique one-night event that will include live music, art, cash bar and selections from six Milwaukee-based theater companies.


ART Bus takes Gallery Night guests on a wild ride

Published Jan. 18, 2013

Gallery Night and Day is a cultural gem that Milwaukee is lucky to have and other cities are right to envy. But for some - especially those who are in the beginning stages of their art connoisseurship - the scope of the event can be a little daunting. That's where the ART Bus comes in. For the past two years, Jeremy Fojut and his team at ART Milwaukee have been chauffeuring Gallery Night participants all around the city to and from the hottest galleries - but the ART Bus is so much more than just a convenient way to hitch a ride.


Roze's odyssey continues with O'Lydia's event

Published May 9, 2012

O'Lydia's Bar and Grill is opening an art gallery on its second floor with a party, Friday, May 11, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. A co-production of Milwaukee Odyssey, the party includes outdoor music and performance, the artists' gallery and Marcus Doucette from 88.9 Sound Travels.