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"Prometheus" shoots for the stars and almost gets there

Published June 8, 2012

You certainly can't say that director Ridley Scott set his sights low with "Prometheus," his long-anticipated return to science fiction. Apparently, it wasn't enough to attempt a prequel to "Alien," arguably the most revered sci-fi film that doesn't feature "Star" in the title. The movie also strives to be more philosophical than the first two "Alien" features.


Top five movies ... IN SPAAAAACE

Published June 5, 2012

Movies play a huge role in creating memorable images of space. Now, Ridley Scott's "Prometheus," the mysterious "Alien" semi-prequel, hopes to enter the pantheon of iconic intergalactic adventures, which includes these five classics.


New Mexico and Wisconsin UFO hotbeds

Published March 16, 2008

The next time you're out at night, and there is clear weather, you might want to spend some extra time looking up at the skies -- and understand that folks in New Mexico are doing the same thing.


Trashy "Cadavra" is a riotous spoof of b-movies

Published March 12, 2004

If it's meant to be trash, does that make it any less trashy? That's the question you might ask yourself at the end of "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" ... unless you're laughing too hard to ask yourself anything.

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