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Third Space will fuel the longest day of 2019 with ultra-fresh Happy Place

Published June 19, 2019

If the longest day of the year isn't reason enough to celebrate - after all, it's the opposite of that December day in which you leave for work in darkness and return home in darkness - Milwaukee's Third Space Brewing is partnering with nearly 40 Wisconsin taps in celebrating, "The Happiest Day of the Year."


West Bend resident reintroduces Lithia Beer

Published March 9, 2013

West Bend's Lithia Beer - which once had the tagline "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Jealous" - was founded in 1848. In 1999, Gunter Woog, who was born in Germany but moved to West Bend in 1952, bought the trademarked name and recently partnered with Sprecher Brewery to reintroduce the beer.


Sound-off: Does your beer choice change in winter?

Published Jan. 18, 2009

Most breweries offer winter brews this time of year, which are usually darker and spicier than the others. Some beer drinkers, however, stick with the same brand all year 'round. How about you? Do you switch your beers choice based on the season, or is it always the same brands for you regardless of the weather?

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