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Packers vs. 49ers: Who has the better famous fans?

Published Jan. 18, 2020

There's been a lot to discuss, debate and analyze in the lead-up to the massive Packers-Niners clash on Sunday. But what about the most important question: Who's got the better famous fans?


Stunts make "Need for Speed" worthwhile

Published Aug. 5, 2014

The Buena Vista Home Entertainment film "Need for Speed," based on the award-winning video game series, is being released on DVD, on demand, digital HD and Blu-ray today.


"A Long Way Down" takes a leap but fails to be funny

Published June 16, 2014

As it stands now, "A Long Way Down" is a film that should've been insightful and moving. To our great misfortune, however, it was savaged by a screenplay that should be thrown into a fire and direction that's as laughably bad as the direction of a below average community theatre production.


"Hellion" is bleak and full of teenage angst

Published June 15, 2014

"Hellion," an extension of Candler's 2012 short film of the same name, follows in familiar footsteps of working-class families that are struck with personal tragedy.


"Need for Speed" is its own worst roadblock to fun

Published March 19, 2014

"Need for Speed" has several of the pieces you'd want to have in a solid, fun B-movie. It features two enjoyable lead performers, the real stars - the cars - are suitably slick and the race action is thrillingly old school in its approach. There's a lot going the film's way. All it had to do was not be insultingly dumb. Oops.


Raise a glass to "Smashed"

Published Nov. 12, 2012

It's hard for me to comment on the reality and authenticity of "Smashed." While it's definitely fair to say that not all of "Smashed" goes down smoothly, the end result is an intimate, complicated film about an intimate, complicated topic, with a smashing lead performance to boot.