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What chefs eat: Chase Anderson of Dream Dance Steak

Published Sept. 4, 2017

Chef Chase Anderson grew up loving food. "I started cooking when I was like eight years old," he says. "And I was never a picky eater; I've always been open to trying new things. In fact, if it had anything to do with food, I was all about it."


What chefs eat: Zach Espinosa of Mr. B's Steakhouse

Published June 26, 2017

Zach Espinosa says that the way he eats has been forged largely by the identity he's created as a chef. That means fresh, high quality ingredients, and not too many of them. His picks for great restaurant dishes reflect his experience at both Harbor House and Mr. B's.


What chefs eat: Tony Ho of RuYi

Published June 19, 2017

Chef Tony Ho was born in Hong Kong, where the influence of Great Britain was pervasive. By the time he moved to the U.S. at age 23, he'd fallen in love with Italian fare and developed a diverse palate for any number of ethnic cuisines.


What chefs eat: Juan Urbieta of Ristorante Bartolotta

Published May 22, 2017

Juan Urbieta never wanted to be a chef. In fact, he had his heart set on becoming a commercial pilot. But, when those plans fell through, he discovered a passion for Italian fare and an unabating love for pizza.


What chefs eat: David Magnasco of The Chef's Table

Published May 2, 2017

There's no shortage of articles and television shows that showcase the dishes that chefs love to cook at their restaurants. But, what do they love to eat at the end of their exhausting 16-hour days? Or on their days off?

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