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How to travel for free

Published March 11, 2018

In order to make your travel dollars go their farthest, sometimes you need to work the system. Points, miles, rewards - they all mean free or cheaper travel to the person willing to put in a little time. Here are a few tips on how to make points work for you.


How my husband and I stay connected when we travel with kids

Published March 10, 2018

Travel with kids is not always easy, but making sure you're still connecting as a couple always makes for a better, more relaxing trip, helping elevate the fun while also alleviating some of the hard. Here are five tips for staying connected.


Making it happen: Teen gets a water well for Kenyan kids

Published Feb. 19, 2018

Last summer, 14-year-old Katie Noll went on a vacation to Kenya with her parents. She did the usual safari stuff: saw elephants and zebras, ate ox kidney and decided she was going to help facilitate the digging of a well for an elementary school suffering a water shortage after a three-year drought.


I went to Milwaukee, North Carolina, and here's what I found

Published Feb. 18, 2018

Our Milwaukee isn't the only Milwaukee. There's one in Oregon, which Molly Snyder wrote about in 2016, and a couple others. Are these other Milwaukees paying homage to our fair city? What are they like? I recently visited Milwaukee, North Carolina, and then wrote about it.

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Mapping Out Marriage

My wedding day wasn't the dream wedding all little girls dream of. It was early June and quite humid inside the stuffy church. We didn't have much money when we decided to get married. Luckily some friends and family members chipped in and paid for a light lunch reception in the fellowship ha...

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