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Managing burn-out

Published March 16, 2019

Winter has been going on for what feels like forever and spring is nowhere in sight. The monotony of our daily tasks become unbearable and we begin to experience a term commonly known as burn-out. Fortunately, there are strategies we can use to help us thrive.


Train like a Milwaukee Brewers prospect, part 2

Published June 5, 2014

In this installment, Lindsay Garric gets to the specific details included in the daily training regime of a professional baseball player prepping to one day play at Miller Park.


Centuries-old training builds new strength in focused athletes

Published July 6, 2012

Like most ambitious athletes trying a new training technique, I was set to hoist some serious weight in my first venture in the Superb Health "Saved by the Bell" Class. Not so fast. Trainer Nick Lynch imposes a precise and go-slow approach that seems counter to the whole circus strongman visions inspired by the steel balls with handles.

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