5 events to celebrate Women's History Month in Milwaukee

Published March 8, 2020

Milwaukee is filled with inspiring and strong women, and March gives us extra reason to recognize them. Here are some of the spaces celebrating and supporting women of color in Milwaukee throughout Women's History Month, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Next Act's "A Small Fire" rarely burns brightly

Published Feb. 3, 2020

Although the stakes in this piece are high, the impact of the play is small. It is contemplative instead of heart-wrenching, perhaps because the main character is hard for her family to love - and ultimately hard for the audience to like.


Renaissance's "Happy Days" is Beckett at its absurd best

Published Jan. 29, 2020

"Happy Days" isn't an easy play to fit into a theater season - but great kudos go to Renaissance Theatreworks, the astounding Laura Gordon and the inspired Marie Kohler for taking the risk and making the experience unforgettable.